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Discussion of Sign Theft and Free Speech

April 18, 2023 Brian Thomas Interview

George Brunemann interview on Brian Thomas show discussing the theft of political signs and the overall topic of free speech.

IMG 3203 Vandal


  • There is an election going on!
    • Almost everywhere it is just tax levies
      • 4 school levies
      • 2 police levies
    • Great site for getting information about the schools and levies
  • Since 2010 in NWLSD
    • Average household income up 7.8%
    • Tax per student up 61.7%
  • Compared to Oak Hills
    • 2 star vs 4 star
    • 28% higher tax per student
    • 40% more administrators per student
      • 9% more administrators than Cincinnati!
  • Opposition to any speech that people disagree with
    • Conservative (fiscal, moral, political) points of view are attacked
    • Much higher rate of sign destruction and theft than previous campaigns
      • Same is happening in Loveland
    • Businesses are attacked and threatened within a day
    • 80 year old homeowner spent over $300 of his personal money to put up 50 signs
      • Half are gone – from personal properties