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Discussion of Next Steps

April 18, 2023 Brian Thomas Interview

George Brunemann interview on Brian Thomas show discussing next steps after the defeat of the May NWLSD Levy.

  • Thank you for the previous discussion about sign theft.
    • Problem greatly improved after that
  • We have attended the school district “facilities planning” meeting and have met with the superintendent and treasurer.
    • Bottom line is the facilities in the district are in extreme disrepair.
    • In last 2 years inflation is 15%
    • Interest rates have doubled
    • Deep – Deep – Hole!
  • Encouraged the school that now is not the time to do a huge bond.
    • Current bond levy failed 3 to 2 in November and 3 to 1 this month.
    • Bonds are currently a $3 cost per $1 of loan
    • Taxpayers cannot afford this!
  • The only avenue for real progress is to go after the state funding scheme
    • Property tax for schools has been declared unconstitutional twice!
    • The current funding encourages horrible behavior.
      • Pay for new buildings, no money for maintenance
      • Voucher program gives 100% of the money to the private school but only 25% if the child goes to the public school.
  • Need to get pressure on the legislature to make real progress on school funding.