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Intentional Neglect?

Vote No on Issue 8 - Northwest Local School Levy!

This levy is to raise almost $400 million over 38 years in order to get a bond for $168.6 million to build new school buildings.  Meanwhile NWLSD admits to $40 million in deferred maintenance on the buildings they already have (see statement here).


In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, NWLSD sent their "Permanent Improvement Plan FY20-FY24" (copy here).  In that document they show a 5 year facility budget of $43.8 million.  The actual amount spent was only $3.6 million.  In all but 2 of the schools, the only maintenance expense was for "Paint Allowance".  Why in the world would you give brand new schools to an organization that is intentionally not taking care of the existing buildings???  This is intentional neglect!  Part of the reason is because the State of Ohio will not supply funding for maintenance but will fund new construction (clearly a nod to the Construction Lobby).

This levy has nothing to do with the students and new buildings are no guarantee of improving performance.  In fact, the top rated school in Northwest according to the current Ohio Department of Education Performance Rankings one is Colerain Elementary, 99 years old and the oldest school in the district!  The building is literally a bomb shelter it is built so sturdy.  It is targeted to be torn down and replaced with a new building that will probably cost far more and will last far less time, especially if the district does no maintenance.

This insanity must end.  Vote No and force the School Board to make a responsible, practical plan to improve the students performance.