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NWLSD Extreme Spending

Just how extreme is the Northwest Local School District spending?  Check out this information from the Ohio Department of Education website.  The following shows the taxes per student since 2010 plotted against the average household income for the same time period.


What the school district's own data shows is that school has increased taxes eight times faster than the taxpayer's income!!!  And this is before the 15% increase they are now trying to pass! 

It is also interesting to look at the taxes per student for Northwest vs other schools in the area.


Clearly more money does not translate to better student performance.  The other statistic of interest is that Northwest has 1 administrator per 134 students while Oak Hills has only 1 per 188 students.  There are more administrators per student in Northwest than there is in the Cincinnati Public Schools!!! 

Northwest Local School District needs to revisit their priorities and concentrate on the students!