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Press Release - Sign Destruction

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Groups Call for End to Systematic Theft of Political Signs in
Northwest Local School District Levy Race.   

RestoreLiberty.US (http://RestoreLiberty.US) is a citizen led group with the purpose of uniting to restore common sense and personal freedom to America.

Republicans for Greater Cincinnati PAC ( is a multi-faceted PAC seeking to promote conservative issues and candidates.

Westside We The People ( is a group of Patriots that are involved in the local level of their communities on the westside of Cincinnati.

Advocates for Education Excellence PAC ( is a group dedicated to the bettering of our community by insisting government spend in the same manner we run out household.  Spend to buy the best. Not exceed what you have on hand.  Save for the future.

RestoreLiberty.US joins Republicans for Greater Cincinnati PAC, Westside We The People and Advocates for Education Excellence PAC  in condemning censorship occurring through the theft and vandalism of political signs opposing the May, 2023 Northwest Local School District Levy.  This levy increases school property taxes by another 15% at a total cost of $395 million dollars over the life of the bond.  Many of the signs being destroyed are hand made by local homeowners, others are financed by individuals concerned by the unbounded growth of property taxes.

The signs stolen and vandalized urge responsible spending and taxation during this inflationary time when food, gasoline and energy costs have increased dramatically, impacting families, those on fixed incomes and businesses.  While levy and political signs have always had this issue, the current situation is far more prevalent.  Many signs on private property last less than an hour and businesses that allow signs are quickly threatened by the opposition and forced to hide their support for responsible community spending.

George Brunemann of RestoreLiberty.US states, “The political climate is hostile to dissenting viewpoints.  Political activists on one side of the debate feel empowered to knock down, steal and vandalize signs of a political perspective with which they disagree. This is not American.  It does not promote agreement on a difficult issue, nor is it a way to build a community.”

RestoreLiberty.US, Republicans for Greater Cincinnati, Westside We The People and Advocates for Education Excellence call for civility and dialogue as the Northwest Local community debates this May tax increase and other upcoming issues affecting our neighborhood.

Press Release

George Brunemann
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