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Process to Get a Viable Plan for NWLSD


We need to take a serious look at the future plan for our school district.  The time of assuming an infinite supply of taxpayer dollars must end.


1- Immediately start funding and performing all required maintenance.

  • Stop encouraging decay and neglect.

2- Complete a top to bottom review of all non-teaching positions in the district.

  • NWLSD has a significantly higher number of administrators per student than neighboring schools systems.
  • Any position that does not directly impact student performance should be considered for elimination.

3- Review each school building for major, minor and cosmetic repairs that are required.

  • Approach from perspective of how to revive the building for productive use, not with the intent to justify destruction of the property.

4- Comprehensive budget review.

  • What does it take to live with our means.
  • Assume NO Additional Taxpayer Burden.